Catfish Sneak Peek: Nev And Max Prepare To Meet 'The Ghost Of Easterville'

*Insert scary music here*

Nev and Max are about to meet a mysterious woman named Shelly on this week's episode of Catfish. How mysterious? The Canada resident is known as -- wait for it -- "The Ghost of Easterville."

"For most of the 33 years of Shelly's life, she rarely ever left her house, as she was shouldered with the daily responsibility of caring for her bedridden mother," Nev says in the sneak peek, below.

Shelly's one link to the outside world? The Internet. And judging from all the affidavits and legal documents Nev reads regarding Shelly's "case," we're guessing the World Wide Web helped get her into a heap of trouble.

So who is Shelly, and what exactly did she do? Tune in to Catfish Wednesday at 10/9c to find out. And to see what happens when Nev and Max finally get her on the phone -- trust us, it's creepy -- watch the sneak peek now.