Marc Piasecki / Contributor

A Mostly Complete Breakdown Of Harry Styles’s Favorite Fashions

Hawaiian shirts. Shearling jackets. All-black everything.

After Harry Styles performed on the Today show this week, his bespoke Edward Sexton suit — cut with a vintage silhouette and in an eye-popping shade of bright pink — set the internet aflame. We've parsed the self-evident influences in Harry's personal style before but, taking a step back, we can see that Harry has always had particular preferences, which are only becoming more apparent as our favorite boy-band star grows up.

Harry consistently works from a surprisingly small list of essentials, and his success has translated into a taste for finer fashions: He has a well-documented penchant for prints, especially by Saint Laurent; flowy, gender-bending garments a la Alessandro Michele's Gucci; and luxury fabrics like shearling. He gravitates toward high-end clothing that looks fancy, luxurious, and well-tailored, an evolution from his early reliance on skinny scarves and worn-out tees. In his time off, he reaches for generously cut Hawaiian shirts, or an all-black uniform. Below, a mostly complete catalogue of all the styles worn by Styles.

  • A Shearling Jacket

    Marc Piasecki / Contributor

    Harry appears to own a staggering number of shearling jackets: his outerwear of choice for shuttling to rehearsals or running to the airport. Here's one slung over his shoulder, in an ensemble that almost recalls Kanye.

  • A Pair of Skinny Black Jeans


    Skinny black jeans form the foundation of Harry Styles's closet. They allow him to experiment with more colorful or experimental tops, and he's rarely seen in anything else during his downtime (excluding his sweatpants days). They are almost invariably paired with unapologetically pointy Chelsea boots.

  • A Black Dress Shirt


    We'll get to Harry's penchant for bright, patterned separates, but whether he's wearing an elaborate Gucci two-piece or a simple black suit, they're nearly always anchored by a silky black dress shirt.

  • Neck Adornments

    Mark Robert Milan/GC Images

    One of Harry's more experimental (at least in our decade) fashion predilections comes in the form of neckwear. Early in his career he was repeatedly drawn toward skinny scarves that recalled Johnny Depp circa now and Sienna Miller circa 2008, but he's toned it down more recently.

  • Bold Textiles

    Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    All the elements we've enumerated up till now are relatively simple, so hang on: It's about to get loud. Styles has an unapologetic taste for eccentric textiles, the kind you can imagine Bill Cunningham would've shot on a stylish old man on the Upper East Side. On SNL, a plaid suit that easily could have veered zoot is kept modern by close-cut tailoring and a subdued hue.

  • A Rotating Collection of Hawaiian Shirts

    Rosalind O'Connor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    Last but certainly not least, you can't nail the Harry Styles Style Equation without a rotating collection of printed button-downs. Harry has repeatedly turned to the Hawaiian shirt in his more casual moments, a look that on him hearkens back to Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii period rather than to your dad on vacation.