Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/courtesy of HBO

Big Little Lies’ Ziggy, Max, And Josh Had An Adorable Reunion

They’re tearin’ it up in NYC

While Big Little Lies fans theorize what Reese Witherspoon's (Madeline Mackenzie) mysterious Instagram tease could mean for the future of the HBO series, three of the show's precious kids reunited in New York City.

Iain Armitage (Ziggy Chapman), Nicholas Crovetti (Max Wright), and Cameron Crovetti (Josh Wright) have spent the past few days together getting into mischief — but luckily not the bullying kind, like (spoiler) Max was guilty of on the show. The adorable trio 'grammed their reunion, so while you're waiting on an update for Season 2, check out their pics below.

  • They’ve only gotten cuter since the show debuted.

    Get ready to see a lot more of Iain, because this kid has three movies and a Big Bang Theory spin-off coming out later this year. He's also a huge Broadway fan who will most likely be on the Tony Awards red carpet this June, interviewing stars (again).

  • They obviously love being themselves and don’t care about appearances.

    Excuse me, where can I get that hoodie?

  • They also hail cabs like bosses.
  • And played something called “Kitty High Five.”

    No idea what this is, but I'm dying at Nicholas's (or is it Cameron's?) face here. I would gladly watch an entire Season 2 dedicated to just these kids' escapades.

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