Remembering The Best Rob And Big Moments

Mini horse included

Rob Dyrdek and Christopher "Big Black" Boykin were once described as the "oddest couple on the planet" because no task or event was too great for Rob and Big. And the MTV audience absolutely loved watching the best friends move from one ridiculous and unique moment to the next. With Meaty and Mini Horse in tow, of course.

As we remember Big's legacy -- the endlessly entertaining staple from this network passed away on Tuesday at the age of 45 -- we're taking a fond look back at some of his most memorable incidents "doing work" with his trusty sidekick from the program (which aired from 2006-2008). Relive their most amusing shenanigans below:

  • Meeting Meaty

    The first episode (you can watch it in its entirety above) showcased the hysterical pair completing their family with the addition of a bulldog named Meaty. To celebrate their brand-new pooch, they feted the pup with a party and surprise cameo by Three Six Mafia. M would eventually be known for his lackluster skateboarding skills, a "mysterious body odor" and his modeling abilities.

  • Morphing into video game characters

    The two landed a deal with EA Sports and were fortunate enough to be forever riding together in a skateboarding video game. This is what dreams are made of, folks.

  • And mini horse makes four

    Meaty needed a playmate -- so during Season 2, the guys opted to purchase their own mini horse to round out their clan. But caring for said mammal turned out to be a bigger task than they ever imagined (ya think?).

  • Visiting the Boykins

    R and B left the comforts of the Ranch to spend some QT with Big's loved ones in Mississippi. And that meant eating lots of Southern cuisine -- and getting to know BB's one-of-a-kind Uncle Jerry.

  • Make way for "Bobby Light"

    More precisely, a "one-hit wonder R&B sensation." And the debut track "Dirty Girl" will live in infamy.

  • A new, but slow, hobby

    Turtle racing, to be exact. And when their rental reptile wasn't up to par, they opted to catch a "hood turtle" from the wild and train it to be a little speedster.

  • All good things must come to an end

    Big informed Rob that he was expecting a baby -- and moving out. As viewers witnessed through the years, their special collaboration was on full display -- this time, as they prepared for Big's new role as a parent. Thanks for the memories, fellas.