True Life Update: How Has Coltyn's Relationship With His Son Evolved?

Plus, find out what happened to Charlie from the show's 'I Didn't Know I'm a Dad' episode

MTV's "True Life: I Didn't Know I'm a Dad" followed two men who discovered their one-night stands resulted in a child. We had an opportunity to check in with Coltyn and Charlie to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


How have you been since filming?

I’ve been good, been basically just working on my music all the time. I’ve been traveling to LA a lot to work with artists, writing for them. I still work part-time for my dad, but I don’t have to anymore. It’s mostly for extra money.

How has your relationship been with Cayden since you told him you’re his father?

Things are good, but it doesn’t really feel like I’m his dad. It just feels like I’ve been babysitting a lot for him. I see him about two to three times a week. I think I might’ve rushed into things -- I sometimes feel forced to act like his dad.

How’s your relationship with Kalee?

A little bit rocky. I feel like I’m only there out of convenience and to help Kalee out. We don’t have any relationship beyond Cayden, and the three of us never hang out all together anymore.

What responsibilities have you been taking on as a father?

Well, I buy him stuff all the time -- we go to Toys "R" Us a bunch. And we’re always doing something when I’m with him. We’re never just at my house chilling.

How has your court case been going? How is your new defense lawyer?

Well, I missed a court date because my phone number changed. They scheduled me another court date, but I couldn’t get in touch with my lawyer until they finally called back two hours before the court hearing… I haven’t heard back from them since.


At the end of filming, you were having trouble being able to see Kaya. Have you been able to see her more since then?

Since filming, I’ve seen Kaya four to five times. Recently, I haven't been able to see her as much, but hopefully that will change soon.

How is your relationship with Kiana?

I haven’t spoken to Kiana really at all. I reached out once to try to get my name on Kaya’s birth certificate, but Kiana said no.

Are you still working?

No, I’m not working for now. Currently, I’m taking the time to look for a new job.

How’s your relationship with Georgia?

Our relationship has been a little rocky, but we’re hanging in there. We’ve been talking about taking a break, and Georgia is currently looking for her own apartment.