True Life Update: Does Robert Still Want To Become A Professional Poker Player?

Plus, we checked in with Ryan and Sean from the show's 'I’m Gambling for My Future' episode

MTV's "True Life: I’m Gambling for My Future" followed three people -- twins Ryan and Sean, plus a man named Robert -- who want to spend their lives gambling. We had an opportunity to check in with Robert and Ryan to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


What have your poker results been lately? 

Poker started off great upon my return from Vegas with big wins and my longest winning streak ever. Lately -- this past week or so -- it's gone in the opposite direction. Ups and downs. Part of the game. 

Have your recent poker results affected your drive to play more full time? 

I have been playing much more now that things have settled. I have been playing 20-30 hours per week, almost double what I usually did. I am taking more time off and dislike my regular job more. 

How do you feel about remaining in Oklahoma City for the time being? Have you thought about moving to a city with more poker action?

I'm staying here because of my mom and sister and Anissa's family. Moving to Vegas is a possibility later in life -- just not now with Dad passing recently.

How did your trip to Las Vegas influence your goals for poker?

Vegas has influenced me to continue working on my game and progressing, and it showed me I'm capable of tolerating/surviving that environment.   

Has anything changed or progressed in your relationship with Anissa?

Things are still slowly progressing with Anissa, but not big changes, just experiencing the holidays with both families now. That'll be interesting. 

Have you taken any steps toward marriage, or is that still on the back burner? 

Currently, poker profits are going toward buying an engagement ring in the future. I would love for poker to buy her the ring of her dreams. 

How did Vegas influence your relationship goals with Anissa?

I also want to use poker to pay for a down payment on a home, rent out my condo, venture into rental properties, start a family with Anissa, and maybe have two or three kids. Hopefully, I'll quit my day job and work my rental properties and play poker for a living. 


How was it being away from Sean for five days? 

Being apart is something we think we can't do because we don't have anyone else. But honestly, when we are apart, we are so much better. I felt so much more positive when I was away from Sean even knowing that I can't stay away from him, and it's the same for him. 

What types of things can you do on your own now?

It's still hard for me to do things alone, and it takes a lot to get me out of the house without Sean. This might so simple, but now I can do little things myself sometimes. Yesterday, I went to the drug store by myself, and honestly, it was hard. It's extremely hard for me to do things on my own. 

Are you still struggling to stay sober? 

I am drinking again, but way less. When I went into detox, I was drinking 13 beers a day, and now I function with about 5 beers a day. Sean has always drank more than me, and he continues to outdrink me. He still believes that drinking is not his problem. 

Is gambling still part of your life?

Unfortunately, we can't afford to gamble anymore. We spend so much money on beer, cigarettes and partying that we cannot afford to spend money on scratch-offs or any other form of gambling. 

What's the current situation with your website? was bought and is doing well, but it's hard for us to accept that it has been taken over by someone else who is now profiting. 

What are your future business ventures?

We have created a new website called "Lick the pickle" and we currently have about 1,000 viewers per day. We are trying to re-invent ourselves, gain new viewers and hold on to our loyal fans.

How has your relationship been with your kids since detox?

The relationship with my children's mother was improving but has since fallen apart due to parenting disagreements. My ex is currently in a new relationship, and I am struggling with my children having another man around the house, and it has led to huge fights. 

What have you done to work on the relationship with friends and family?

Sean and I have never really had a sense of family, and that hasn't changed much. My father helps out with the kids but still keeps his distance with us. 

Where do you hope to be in the next six months? 

Sean and I have a lot going on, but we are really excited about the new website and some other online content we want to be a part of. My son is about to start kindergarden, and I know that now it's time to get serious. I need to get settled now that he will be a in a school system, and I need to give him a normal kind of life. He is about to start learning, and I need to be there for him.