True Life Update: How Is Dakota Continuing To Defy Beauty Norms?

Plus, find out what's up with Curtis from the show's latest episode

MTV's "True Life: I'm Breaking Beauty Norms" followed two people who defy the typical standard of beauty. We had an opportunity to check in with Dakota and Curtis to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


What have you been up to recently? 

I have been preparing to go to North Dakota to help the water protectors protest the unfair treatment and the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

What have you been doing to promote your ideas that being different is beautiful? 

I was just front page of the Ventura County Star talking about my beard and my story and promoting the fact that different is indeed beautiful. I also have been thinking about giving talks at the local high school about the same thing. 

Are you still working with Darin and his sideshow? If so, what new acts do you have?

I have been working with Darin and his show. I haven't picked up any new acts just yet, but I am in the process of learning sword swallowing.

Is your mom still your momager? If so, how is that going? 

My mom is still my momager at the moment. It's going well. Things had been a little slow because some family business needed to be taken care of, but she's back at it and working on trying to get me the support I need. 

Are you still working toward getting an agent? 

I haven't looked too closely into getting an agent just yet, but as soon as the holidays pass, I'll be looking into that some more. 

How has therapy been going? What new things have you learned about yourself? 

Therapy has been going well. I've learned that there are some emotional things I need to work on, so I'm working on those and am doing what I can to help myself and become a better person. 

Have you been putting yourself out there to meet new people and potentially find someone to date?

Dating still isn't a huge priority for me. I'd rather focus on the world and helping it and helping myself in my career. 


What have you been up to recently?

School is coming to a close, and I am applying to four-year universities, as well as attending events for a non-profit organization I am a part of, and I'm still active in ministry. I'll being getting licensed as an Evangelist in May 2017.

How is your sister doing?

My sister just informed me that she is in the hospital for lung issues. Other than that, her body is still adjusting to the new medications.

Are you still mentoring?

Yes, I still work with kids at my church and try to keep in contact with Rochelle and Tahliyah.

How’s your modeling career going?

It doing okay. I had a shoot with MyNewPhilly two weekends before Thanksgiving. Photographers still contact me from New York.

How has therapy been going? What new things have you learned about yourself?

I do not have therapy. I have learned to push myself to do and talk about things that I would have not done before. I have also learned to have a greater awareness of the effects that vitiligo (as well as many other surface conditions) has on the mental stability of people.