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Picture-Perfect Promposals: 5 Over-The-Top Invites To The Big Dance

The prom pressure is on

Will you marry go to prom with me?

It's a crucial question for any high school senior, and there's more pressure now than ever (thanks, social media) to make the all-important ask to the year-end dance an unforgettable one.

MTV's new series Promposal will explore this phenomenon and then some, highlighting the insanely creative, romantic and outrageous ways folks have asked their crush/significant other/bestie to prom.

In honor of the new half-hour show — set to premiere this Sunday, May 14 at 7:30/6:30c following the return of My Super Sweet 16 — we've rounded up a few real-life promposals that actually make marriage proposals look like tiny taters. (Side note: Laguna Beach has got nothing on these promposals.)

  1. The sky's the limit

    Tennessee high school student Ty jumped 12,000 feet while wearing a tuxedo in this epic prom ask. Needless to say, his girlfriend Katie didn't dare say no after his sky-high stunt.

  2. That's a home run

    Here's hoping this student didn't strike out after posing on a bona fide baseball field with friends and writing, "Prom?" between those iconic red stitches.

  3. The perfect serenade

    This heartwarming prom ask features two special needs students, Hannah and Devin, in which the latter gave his Wichita, Kansas, classmate a bouquet of yellow roses and serenaded her with Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love," along with a side of air guitar.

  4. This guy needs to La La Land a date

    A Phoenix-area student actually asked Oscar winner Emma Stone to prom via an elaborate video parodying the hit musical flick La La Land. Unfortunately, Stone wasn't able to attend.

  5. He isn't horsing around

    Flowers, balloons and a horse? This high school student pulled out all the stops (and farm animals) when asking his girl to the big dance.

Have you witnessed or participated in any epic promposals? Tell us your tales, and tune in on Sunday, May 14 for Promposal following My Super Sweet 16 at 7/6c!

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