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Big Sean Becomes A Classic Video Game Character For The ‘Jump Out The Window’ Video

His princess is in another castle

Shortly after performing at a thoroughly haunted MTV Movie & TV Awards, Big Sean debuted his new "Jump Out the Window" video, where he fights to rescue his girlfriend from a thoroughly haunted video game.

In the clip, Sean shows up at his (ex?) girl's house to find something spooky going on. Her phone's shattered on the floor and she's nowhere to be seen — but an old Nintendo console beckons him to start playing. When he does, he gets sucked into a world where everything is made of pixels and is also trying to kill him.

It's a good thing he'd been practicing both his Prince of Persia jumps and his Mario Kart turns just before he drove over to her house, because the Bowser figure he's chasing will stop at nothing to steal his princess.