Neil Mockford/GC Images

Niall Horan Is Just As Excited To Hear 'Slow Hands' On The Radio As You Are


Niall Horan has been drumming up a ton of interest in his solo work thanks to "This Town," his first post-One Direction single, and his blush-inducingly sexy new single, "Slow Hands."

He has about as much chill about 'em both as his fans do, and he was utterly delighted to hear his new stuff on the radio over the weekend. On May 6, Noran heard "Slow Hands" out in the wild, and reacted accordingly:

It IS a good feeling. Such a good feeling, in fact, that it prompted him to pick up the guitar and pick a line from the tune in the comfort of his own kitchen.

Go on with your not-so-slow-handed self, Niall.