Ricky Vigil/GC Images

Nicki Minaj Is Using Twitter To Help Her Fans Pay Off Tuition

Paying off your student loans? She's got you

Some artists keep a low profile when it comes to social media, but not Nicki Minaj, and her fans love her all the more for it. Got a question? Minaj will likely hit you back via Twitter in record time, and same goes for her Instagram presence, too, which serves as a vehicle for sneak peeks of her cinematic music videos and clap-backs that prove a pic or video is well worth a thousand words.

But fans got more than they bargained for late on May 6, as Nicki didn't just go back-and-forth with them 140 characters at a time: She just straight-up said she'd pay off a number of student loans for members of her #Kingdom.

After she launched a contest encouraging fans to record their own "Regret In Your Tears" video to win a trip to see her perform at the Billboard Music Awards, she commented that the challenge was open to those living outside of the U.S., as she has the cash to fly out fans from around the world.

A fan hit back with a cheeky request for her to pay off their tuition, given that she's got the funds and all, and Nicki responded with a yes — and a whole new incentive for fans to get in on this charitable contest, too.

Talk about a hugely generous curveball. Some people hit the club on Saturday night, but Nicki just offered to hit a bunch of bank accounts in the best possible way.