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Lil Yachty Is A Slime-Green Prom King In His New Video

He’s ready to ‘Bring It Back’ to the future

In the video for his new song "Bring It Back," Lil Yachty is both king of the teens and king of the prom.

The retro video follows Yachty as he attends his dream prom, complete with pastel decorations and a photo booth with a shiny curtain background. It's all very ’50s as seen through the ’80s as seen through 2017, as evidenced by the Delorean that Yachty and his date hop into by the end of the party.

Between the song's breathless pop chorus and incredible sax solo, it sound like Yachty's collaborator Carly Rae Jepsen might just have rubbed off on him.