Challenge Couple Nicole And Laurel Just Celebrated A Relationship Milestone

The Underdog and Champ are still smitten with each other

There was plenty of flirting going on among the Invasion of the Champions cast -- and one pair's Thailand-based connection is still going strong outside of the competition.

That's right, Laurel and Nicole just commemorated 1/2 year together, with the Free Agents victor catching the Underdog finalist off-guard with an impromptu visit to celebrate. And the Fresh Meat 2 vet's gesture was clearly a hit with the Real World: Skeletons alum (look at those grins!).

Cheers to this milestone -- and many more. Don't miss the Challenge season finale this Tuesday at 9/8c as Nicole attempts to match her girlfriend's Challenge win column -- and watch Laurel open up about Nicole in the video below.