Ed Sheeran Looks Like He’s About To Cut Off His Own Ear In His New Portrait

It’s van Goghgeous

The walls of London's National Portrait Gallery are decorated with famous faces — most of them royal — that span centuries of the United Kingdom's history.

Now those walls include a modern rendition of Ed Sheeran that has him looking like a certain Dutch impressionist who loved flowers more than one of his own appendages.

Sheeran's likeness was gorgeously laid to canvas by Colin Davidson, and given the pop star's ruddy complexion, ginger hair, distracted stare, and the palette employed by the painter, this throws a van Gogh–channeling vibe over the work of art in multiple ways.

He's in love with the shape of you, but the National Portrait Gallery is apparently in love with this particular shade of Sheeran. And, hey! He's pop royalty, sort of, so he fits right in with the rest of the gallery's regal subjects.