Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Nick Jonas Goes Country On This Duet With His Musical Inspiration

Welcome to their ‘Party for Two’

Nick Jonas launched his career with the Jonas Brothers' sugary-sweet pop songs, but country music was his focus Saturday night (April 29) at Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California. Shania Twain invited him onstage during her headlining performance, and they promptly threw a "Party for Two" — plus the 70,000 country fans watching them, of course.

"I just recently met this guy. He's really cute and he's super talented and most of all, he is such a gentleman," Twain said introducing Jonas, calling him both "loaded with talent" and "a new friend of mine" before going into her 2004 song originally recorded with Billy Currington.

"I must say one thing," Jonas announced when they finished their breezy duet. "Shania Twain is the reason I'm in music today, so thank you for all the inspiration."

"He is the sweetest," Twain replied. "I'm impressed by this guy. He sings his ass off, isn't it crazy? OK, well, he does impress me very much."

You can probably sense where this is going. As Jonas exited the stage, Twain started belting out her classic 1998 hit "That Don't Impress Me Much." You can catch both show-stopping performances in the video above. Impressive indeed.