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Ja Rule Confirms That Everyone Has Escaped Fyre Festival

He offers his ‘deepest apologies’ to those who endured the luxury disaster-relief simulation

Last week, Ja Rule and his booking company Fyre attempted to put on a luxury music festival in the Bahamas. Thankfully, there were no casualties.

After a social-media crisis like never before seen in the world of destination music events, Fyre Festival has confirmed that every single disappointed guest has made it home safely.

They've all reportedly been sent forms to apply for a refund, given that many of them paid for luxury accommodations and ended up sleeping in disaster-relief tents. Of course, people are already skeptical of just how legitimate the refund process will be.

For their part, the organizers of the festival, including 25-year-old entrepreneur Billy McFarland, are already hard at work on the 2018 edition, which presumably will offer fully assembled sandwiches and at least one musical guest. Keep your spirits high and your expectations low.