Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner's Version Of Dressing Up Involves Some Aggressively Tangerine Boots

No top? No problem!

Dress-up isn't simply for kids, as anyone who's ripped apart half their closet before a night out can tell you. Considering that Kendall Jenner plays dress-up for a living, she's a professional and perfecting each and every outfit — and this time around, that involves some higher-than-thigh-high boots, a pair of jeans, a fedora, and ... that's about it.

Jenner rocked a pair of vivid tangerine boots that look like they were taken from Rihanna's ANTI World Tour wardrobe, and snapped a quick selfie to get the full effect.

These kicks are not for the faint of heart (or the short of leg), and Jenner can definitely pull them off. (She'll probably need some assistance in that regard, because damn those must take a minute to step into.)

These probably wouldn't have made it into her suitcase for the Fyre Festival after-party she was set to host this weekend, but ... yeah. Turns out she was better off hanging out at home than at that disastrous "luxury" music experience in the Bahamas.