A Hacker Is Threatening Netflix Over Orange Is The New Black

A full-on ransom situation could affect the fifth season

There's gotta be a joke in here somewhere about a show taking place in a high-security prison getting caught up in a security breach debacle, but what's going down with the next season of Orange Is The New Black is no laughing matter.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the upcoming fifth season of the popular program was compromised by a hacker going by the name of the Dark Overlord, who's threatening to leak the new OITNB episodes. They're holding Netflix's feet — or wallet, really — to the fire, and demanding that the streaming giant pay up if they want to stay on schedule.

The FBI is investigating the Dark Overlord's threats, and a spokesperson for Netflix told EW that the security breach that led to the ransom comes through working with a third party: "A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved."

The (extremely intense, likely) season premiere of OITNB's fifth season is set to hit Netflix on June 9, so here's hoping this development doesn't mess with the next chapter in the Litchfield saga.