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What Mom Advice Has Kristin Cavallari Offered To Heidi Montag?

Spencer Pratt's wifey has asked the mother of three a few questions...

Kristin Cavallari helped Heidi Montag in the love department when she introduced her friend to Spencer Pratt (more than 10 years ago). And now, the mother of three is aiding her Hills pal in a new arena: Speidi's spawn.

"Heidi has been asking me lots of baby questions," the shoe and jewelry designer revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "I'm so excited for her. I know she's been wanting a baby for a while."

So what was Heidi's first query? Monikers for her soon-to-be son or daughter.

"I was like, 'Heidi, this is your baby... It's what you want to name your baby,'" the former Laguna Beach Queen Bee joked. "I sent her a whole list of things I loved as a mom [during] the first six months, because I remember being a first-time mom -- I [didn't] really have anyone I could turn to."

But Heidi isn't the first Hills alum to reach out to K-Cav and inquire about this life-changing and imminent milestone.

"Audrina reached out a lot when she was pregnant," Kristin added. "It's really cool that they feel comfortable enough to come to me and that they look to me for that kind of advice."

Be sure to stay with MTV News before Speidi's peanut arrives -- as well as any and all updates regarding the Hills baby boom. And because it's Flashback Friday, enjoy Kristin making her grand entrance arriving at Speidi's nuptials in the clip below.