Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Miley Cyrus Can Now Wear Her Love For Her Dog On Her Sleeve FOREVER

Cyrus adds another pup tat to her collection

Miley Cyrus, ink enthusiast, utterly adores her many, many pets: She has a tattoo devoted to her dearly departed pup, Floyd, and she just added another tattoo to her collection that honors another one of her beloved dogs.

Cyrus spent some time in the parlor of tattoo artist of the stars, Dr. Woo, and walked out with a simple portrait of Emu, her Lassie-look-alike Shetland sheepdog.

(Yes, we know Lassie was a border collie, but c'mon. Look at that face!)

Emu is surely a fan. That's a touching display of canine devotion, right there, and a perfect addition to Cyrus's swath of bittersweet, beautiful tattoos.