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Emma Watson Is Still Mortified About Her First Time Meeting Jimmy Fallon

Prepare for secondhand embarrassment

If Emma Watson had her way, she'd "obliviate" an embarrassing talk-show faux pas she made many years ago from Jimmy Fallon's memory.

On The Tonight Show this Thursday (April 27), Watson and Fallon rehashed their first awkward encounter — back when Fallon hosted Late Night — and Watson couldn't keep herself together. Blushing, the Harry Potter alum confessed she mistook Fallon for fellow talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel.

"I love that Halloween candy thing that you do," she told Fallon at the time, before their interview even began. Watson was referring to Kimmel's annual gag of sharing videos parents made of themselves telling kids the Halloween candy was gone. "I died inside. I died inside," she said, totally mortified. Looks like it's back to the library for you, Hermione.

After reliving her big "oops" moment, Watson discussed attending a princess boot camp for Beauty and the Beast, as well as her new film, The Circle. Check out the cringe-inducing video above.