Catfish Sneak Peek: An Anonymous Text Made This Guy Doubt Everything About His Girlfriend

Dylan's thought bubble: 'WTH'

A young man fell in love with a girl he met on Facebook and was blissfully happy in his new relationship -- until, well, you'll see...

"I met Ally eight months ago," 21-year-old Dylan tells Nev and Max in a sneak peek of this week's Catfish, below. "We immediately hit it off... I think I started falling for her the first week I knew her."

And, Dylan says, Ally offered him love at a time he needed it most.

"Around the time we met, I lost my mom," he reveals. "I barely knew [Ally], but she was there to lift my spirits up every day... I'm so grateful for that."

So what's the problem? One day, Dylan got an SMS from an anonymous texter and -- uh-oh -- it was about Ally. What did the mysterious message say? Watch the video to find out, and to discover who sent it -- and if they're right about Ally -- tune in to the show Wednesday at 8/7c.