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Blink-182 Know Their ‘Aggressive’ New Song Is Very Strange

Stranger than ‘Fuck a Dog’ though?

Pop-punk nostalgia reigns supreme — Fall Out Boy and Paramore dropped new music within the past week, and now it’s Blink-182’s turn. The veteran rockers have steadily been sharing new songs from their upcoming deluxe edition of California, and their latest is easily the “strangest” yet (their word, not mine).

“6/8” is another angsty offering from Blink that manages to be entirely unpredictable, mostly because it sounds more like something you’d hear on an AFI album. Mark Hoppus handles lead vocals, Matt Skiba incoherently screams in the background, and Travis Barker ties it all together with his reliably rousing work behind the drum kit.

Upon the release of “6/8” on Thursday morning (April 27), Blink-182 tweeted that the “aggressive” song is “the strangest song blink have ever recorded.” Even stranger than “Fuck a Dog” or the 35-second, two-sentence song “Can’t Get You More Pregnant”? Seems debatable.

Blink’s upcoming deluxe reissue of 2016’s California arrives May 19, and also includes the recently released “Parking Lot” and “Misery.”