Career Counseling: How Nev And Max Helped This Catfish Find Her Calling

Apparently, solving online mysteries is just one of their talents

A woman addicted to being an online impostor got a wakeup call from Nev and Max on this week's Catfish -- and, in the process, some free career counseling.

Tulsa resident Mary had been posing as Ally -- and, throughout her six years of catfishing, she'd defrauded literally hundreds of men. Among them: Dylan, a 21-year-old who'd fallen in love with her shortly after the death of his mom. But Dylan soon became suspicious of his Internet crush and, after contacting Nev and Max, came face-to-face with Mary in Oklahoma.

So why'd she do it?

"I've always been that outcast girl," the 20-year-old said. "So when you go to another world like the Internet, you get to be whoever you want."

Then, Mary explained why she so badly wanted to escape her reality.

"I've been told I'm worthless," she said. "I was really bullied in high school. I've been told I should kill myself by multiple people, and I got to the point where I listened to what everyone said."

For his part, Max tried to help Mary find some positive aspects about her life. "What are the things you do like?" he asked. "Where in your daily life do you experience the most confidence and power and joy?"

Mary's answer: baking.

"I love [it]," she gushed, adding that her cousin enjoys her cooking so much, she frequently asks Mary to "please make more food."

"That sounds like a win-win," Max replied. "You do this thing you love, and it makes other people feel good. And the positivity comes back to you. So there's cooking, which is pure joy. Then there's the catfish stuff, which has the element of guilt in it. Which one of those feelings do you want to invest in?"

"I want the joy one more," Mary said. "Then I'll feel joy and happiness. I won't be lying to everyone, and I can be my own person."

Sounds like a plan -- one that Mary says she eventually executed: When Nev and Max caught up with her two months later, she announced she was soon starting culinary arts school. She was also still pals with Dylan, who got the happy ending he so deserved: He was beginning college to pursue his dream of becoming a pediatric cardiologist and had found a totally legit, tried-and-true girlfriend.

But what do you think of this week's episode? Do you believe Mary will really stop catfishing and finally experience the joy she desires? Will Dylan someday become a doctor? And should Nev and Max consider moonlighting as career counselors? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 8/7c.