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Mandy Moore's First MTV Movie Awards Dress Was Sweet As Candy

Take a look back at all of the ‘This Is Us’ star’s Movie-Awards appearances

Mandy Moore’s Hollywood career has spanned nearly two decades, during which she’s played a mean girl, a president’s daughter, a Disney princess, and most recently, a suburban housewife. These days she’s thriving as one of the stars of NBC’s breakout drama This Is Us, for which she's landed her second career nomination, this time in the coveted Best Actor category, at the newly minted MTV Movie & TV Awards.

That’s great news for anyone who’s been missing Moore like candy, because the singer and actress has a stellar track record of stylish Movie Awards appearances. Before Moore joins this year’s party on May 7 — looking to earn her second Golden Popcorn trophy — let’s take a look back at her Movie Awards history.

  • 2001 Movie Awards
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    For her very first Movie Awards, the 17-year-old walked the red carpet looking every bit the early-aughts style icon in a pink pleated dress and kitten heels (remember those?!). She was fresh off the release of her hit single “In My Pocket” and was still new to the film world, having just made her big-screen debut in The Princess Diaries as two-faced cheerleader Lana. But it wouldn't be long before she would join the ranks of the more-veteran movie stars who surrounded her that night.

  • 2002 Movie Awards
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    Just one year later, Moore collected her first Movie Award nomination, thanks to a little tearjerker called A Walk to Remember. With her new leading-lady status came a huge style transformation — she rocked a brown bob and loads of bronzer on the carpet, where she told Kelly Osbourne, “I’m usually the girl that walks down the red carpet and tries to look cute or just watches the show, so it’s great to be nominated.” She ended up winning the popcorn trophy that night, for Breakthrough Female performance, and excitedly took the podium to proclaim, “This is very wrong, I’m not supposed to be up here! … This is truly an honor.”

  • 2007 Movie Awards
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    At the 2007 festivities, Moore graced the pink carpet in a strapless number that was classy yet attention-grabbing, thanks to its bright red hue. She was a bona fide movie star by then, with films like Chasing Liberty, Saved!, and Because I Said So under her belt. In ’07, she also starred in the rom-com License to Wed, and she and costars John Krasinski and Robin Williams were on hand to present Best Comedic Performance. (It went to Sacha Baron Cohen, because Borat was all the rage in those days.)

  • 2017 Movie & TV Awards
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    A full decade later, Moore is making her grand return to the newly renamed MTV Movie & TV Awards. She’s nominated for Best Actor in a Show for This Is Us, which also secured a nom for Show of the Year. We don’t know what she’ll wear or what she’ll say if she wins, but we do know she’s extra pumped. After her nomination was announced, she posted a precious #TBT pic, thanking MTV for the kudos and looking ahead to May 7. We can't wait either, MM!