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Ed Sheeran Had The Biggest Hug For A Terminally Ill 6-Year-Old Fan

The two got to meet backstage at a recent concert

One of Ed Sheeran's biggest fans finally got to meet the star backstage at a recent concert in Manchester, U.K.

Six-year-old Ollie Carroll has Batten disease, a rare genetic disorder that causes progressive neurological problems. Ollie can no longer speak, walk, or see, but he still loves listening to Ed's music. It's gotten him through some tough times at the hospital, and he lights up whenever his parents play it for him.

So his family started a campaign for Ollie to meet Ed, which went all the way to the singer himself. Ed invited the whole family backstage last weekend (April 22), including Ollie's younger sister Amelia, who has also been diagnosed with Batten disease.

"As soon as Ed walked into the room and spoke, Ollie's eyes lit up and a smile spread across his face," Ollie's mother Lucy said. "This image was priceless."

Ed took the time to talk with Ollie's parents about the disease, which has no cure or treatment. He even wore a red "Ollie's Army" armband onstage that night.

"I was in absolute floods of tears," Lucy said. "It was just amazing to know that our little boy, Ed had him on his wrist and he was playing the songs that he loved. It was like Ollie was up there with him."