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Ed Sheeran Has Heard Harry Styles’s New Songs


Ed Sheeran can write a damn good song, and Harry Styles knows that. So when the 1D alum got to work on his solo album, he decided to share some tunes with a fellow Brit.

“[Sheeran's] one of the most talented dudes I know,” Styles recently told BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw. Grimshaw shared videos of Harry's most famous fans — Sheeran, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Rita Ora, and more — asking questions about his upcoming LP, due out May 12. Sheeran wanted all the deets: “How many songs did you write, where did you make it, how long have you been making it for, and did you enjoy making it?”

Turns out, Harry and his squad penned a whopping 70 songs (“including the little ideas”) before narrowing down the tracklist to 10 favorites like “Sign of the Times.”

“I played [Sheeran] a couple of songs after the album was finished. He liked one that wasn't on there, so I had a little minute of like [hesitation],” Harry said, making a face.

In between all that writing, Styles took a five-month break to shoot Dunkirk, a World War II movie that required “quite a lot” of swimming. He's THIS CLOSE to drowning in the harrowing trailer.

“I think it was good for me,” Styles reflected. “Before all I'd thought about was stressing about what [the album] was going to be. [Dunkirk] gave me a chance to be completely a step away from it and have a real break and then also, by the end of the movie, because we were swimming so much, I was like, Oh, can I just go write some songs in the studio?”

He may be drenched on his album cover, but it looks like this singer prefers dry land instead.