#NewAddition: This Stranded With A Million Dollars Camper Is Expecting A Baby

Find out who'll be getting a visit from the stork

She may not have won her share of the big money on MTV's Stranded With A Million Dollars, but Eilish Rodriguez is about to collect a special treasure: She's expecting Baby #2.

The New Mexico native -- who fell ill in Fiji and threw in the towel the very same episode as former military man Alonzo -- shared the news via the Instagram photo below. In it, she happily poses with her husband Nico and son Shevo.

In the comments section, where Eilish bantered with family, friends and fans, she revealed she's 14 weeks pregnant. And while there's no word on the baby's sex just yet, we're guessing that if it's a boy, she won't be naming him Cody. And if it's a girl, well, "Makani" most likely isn't an option.

Come on, we had to say it.

Offer your congrats to Eilish and her family, then be sure to catch the season finale of Stranded tomorrow at 10/9c to finally see who takes home the grand prize.