Catfish Cameo: A World-Famous Comedian Is Itching To Join The MTV Series

And Nev is totally on board with the possible appearance

Catfish has featured several standout fill-ins when Nev Schulman or Max Joseph can't make it on the road. And now, one comedian is voicing her desire to join the super sleuths during a no-doubt entertaining investigation.

Right after Kathy tweeted her co-host aspirations, Nev swiftly replied to the redhead (and was totally on board with her wishes).

Well, if Kathy does make an appearance (fingers crossed!), the installment would feature no shortage of laughs (can you imagine her doing the digital dive with the facts provided by the love hopeful?) and some priceless commentary (wonder what her thoughts would be during the trademark drive to meet the suspicious guy/gal). Would you like to see Kathy on Catfish? Share your thoughts in the comments -- and don't miss a brand-new episode this Wednesday at 8/7c (a sneak peek featuring the upcoming action can be seen below).