Katy Perry Spent Her Weekend Dressed Up Like A Kardashian

Just days after she debuted a Guy Fieri–inspired look

Katy Perry seems to be going through a bit of a style identity crisis, and she's turning to various television personalities to cope.

Last week, she used Food Network star Guy Fieri as style inspiration, sharing a photo of herself with spiky, bleached blonde hair. But just as fast as you can say, "Peace, love, and taco grease!" Katy dramatically shifted her look to that of ... a Kardashian. She's traveled from Flavortown to Calabasas real quick.

Stretch bodysuit? Check! Full-body highlighter? Check! Arguably appropriative braids? Check!

I mean, her name already begins with a K. She fits right in. Welcome to the family, Katy Kardashian.