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Rihanna Is Royally Amused By These Queen Elizabeth Photo Mash-Ups

Queen meets queen

It's a regal meeting of the minds — or, more accurately, bodies, as pop princess Rihanna got a kick out of a few photos that replaced her head with none other than that of her royal highness Queen Elizabeth II.

When it comes to memorable images, Rihanna's got scores of iconic looks to flip to, and the person who made these (if not Ri herself) definitely picked a few of her most recent fashion triumphs, from the Chanel and purple ponytail ensemble she rocked for her Paper cover spread to the giant, furry red heart jacket that had her looking like the glammest Muppet in the business.

Queen Rilizabeth looks great in green ...

... and her hat even matches said furry red heart jacket!

The crown jewels look great with her Coachella crystal body suit ...

... and the same goes for posing with a 40 in a bodega.

Comments bashing the photos flooded Rihanna's comments — some found the pics disrespectful — but let the caption for the last pic remind everyone that, truly, "it's not that deep," and the quick laugh isn't intended to be a mean one. (Like she'd really go and intentionally try to hurt the Queen's feelings when Prince Harry could just call her up and be all, "Please do not photoshop my grandma." C'mon.)

All hail Queen Rilizabeth. Long may she reign.