Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SXSW

Michael Fassbender’s Got Some Droid-Related Surprises In Alien: Covenant

He’s not the droid you’re looking for

Alien: Covenant is set to be one of the scariest movies to hit theaters this summer, given the terrifying volleys of space death that Ridley Scott's epic franchise has thrown at its characters over the years.

Michael Fassbender made his first appearance in Prometheus, the 2012 prequel to the one that started 'em all, 1979's Alien, and he's saying that we have a few shocks coming — specifically in regard to his character, the android who seemingly met his end at the conclusion of Prometheus.

The Covenant trailer featured Fassbender, thus indicating that David would be making a return for the film that takes place a full decade after Prometheus. Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that Fassbender's David is a huge part of the Covenant story, and that he's also playing a droid named Walter who's got the mannerisms of another iconic, galactic character.

"I wanted Walter to be more Spock-like — devoid of human characteristics or emotional contents that are programmed into David," Fassbender told EW. "I want him more like a blank canvas one can project things upon."

Fassbender is also thrilled for people to see Covenant, as he thinks Scott may have outdone himself with the latest addition to the Alien arc. "This is Ridley at his best," he said. "On top of action and humor and characters you become invested in, there’s these very real questions about life and the origins of life and what happens in the afterlife — if there is an afterlife."

Do we even want to know what's up with an afterlife that involves horrifying neomorphs? Guess we'll find out on May 19, when Alien: Covenant opens.