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Archie And Veronica Sing ‘Kids In America’ (And Break Betty’s Heart) On Riverdale

I sit here alone and wonder why Betty looks so sad

Archie Andrews, you heartbreaker. In next week's all-new episode of Riverdale ("To Riverdale and Back Again"), it's homecoming, which means you can expect to hear more of Archie's crooning. (We can thank Betty for that.) This time, however, he's joined by Veronica.

Ahead of the show's Chapter 11, The CW has released Archie and Veronica's full homecoming performance of "Kids in America," and there's a lot going on in this clip.

Archie and Ronnie's onstage chemistry is seriously combustible, so it's no surprise that poor Cheryl feels the heat. (It's OK, Cheryl. Every good high-school dance ends with someone crying, so you're not alone.) But why does she look so heartbroken? And what's up with Betty? She's standing next to her amazing boyfriend Jughead looking like her cat just died. Maybe she's not as over Archie as she thought she was — or maybe she's just upset Veronica didn't mention her obvious feelings for Archie first.

I am honestly so high off all this high school drama that I feel compelled to give Archiekins a compliment: Nice guitar flip, kid.