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Vanessa Hudgens Returns In A Steamy New Music Video With Shawn Hook

'Reminding Me' is the new 'Gotta Go My Own Way'

Vanessa Hudgens and Shawn Hook turn up the heat for their new collab, "Reminding Me," a breakup song that proves getting over someone isn't as simple as getting under someone else.

"He's laying in the sheets / The ones you bought for me / All tangled in a mess / It should be you instead," the High School Musical alum croons from a very scenic rooftop. The black-and-white visuals switch between a fancy-ass penthouse, complete with swimming pool, and Hudgens rolling around in bed. Judging from the cityscape in the background, she's not in Salt Lake City — home of the East High School's Wildcats — anymore.

It's unclear whether Hook plays her ex or her rebound in the video, but whatever's going on here, Troy Bolton is shook.

Looks like Hudgens has gotta go her own way once again.