Teen Mom OG Insecurities: How Does Catelynn Ease Her Fear That Tyler Will Leave?

The young mother opened up about her anxieties during tonight's episode

Open communication has always been Catelynn and Tyler's strong suit -- and the ability to not harbor their feelings has helped them become the only surviving Teen Mom OG couple from Season 1 of 16 and Pregnant. But sometimes, like during tonight's special episode (before the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards!), Cate expressed trepidation about her partner and her fear that Tyler was not in their union for the long haul.

"How can I prove more that I'm not going to leave?" Tyler asked Cate while they were in the middle of a getaway trip to Jackson Hole. "It's crazy."

Insecurities in relationships can manifest -- so how does Catelynn ease these difficult thoughts regarding her marriage?

"I'm such an anxiety-prone person, so I always jump to the worst conclusion," Nova's mom recently admitted to MTV News. "[But] we've been together for so long. We know each other, and we're best friends. We'll be able to work through anything life throws at us. That is what helps me. Every couple has insecurities, so it's about working through it."

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