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Tyra Banks Says Lindsay Lohan Has ‘Got To’ Be In Life-Size 2

The top model tells MTV News all about the ‘edgy’ sequel

It's been 17 years since Tyra Banks taught us how to shine bright, shine far, and be a star in the Disney television movie Life-Size, and while there had been rumors of a sequel, nothing ever came to fruition — until now. On Wednesday (April 19), Banks finally made things official and announced Life-Size 2.

The top model is not only reprising her role as Eve, the plastic doll who magically transformed into a real woman, but she's also serving as the project's executive producer. MTV News caught up with Banks at the Freeform Upfront, and she revealed that the journey to bringing Eve back to life for a sequel to the beloved Disney flick has been years — and four scripts — in the making.

“There have been four Life-Size 2 scripts,” Banks said. “Finally, we woke and said, ‘Eve is older. It needs to be edgier. It needs to be for the audience that grew up with her.’ So it was a whole re-thinking. Life-Size 2 is going to be quite edgy and interesting.”

In the sequel, Eve will come back to the real world as a “young woman [who] is experiencing everything that a young woman experiences for the first time,” Banks said. It's also important to note that this time around she'll be helping a young woman “learn to live and love again.”

The final script for Life-Size 2 is currently being written, and since it's so early in the process, Banks said that she hasn't thought much of casting. But the door is always open for Life-Size star Lindsay Lohan to return for the sequel.

“I would love for Lindsay Lohan to do something,” she said. “Just to pop up for a hot second — she's got to.”

Banks also thinks Zendaya would be a “fantastic” addition to the Life-Size family. “I love her,” she said. “I've been wanting to work with her forever.”

The only news more exciting than Life-Size 2 finally happening is Life-Size 2 starring Banks and Zendaya.