Gabriel Olsen/WireImage

The Hills Bromance Is Alive: Brody Jenner And Frankie Delgado Partied At Coachella

Kinda like old times at Les Deux

Many Hills friendships have come and gone, but one bromance remains as strong as ever.

Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado, the SoCal best friends who always had each other's back when it came to the shenanigans in the pals' inner circle, recently partied together at Coachella. Kinda like Les Deux, but without the VIP bottle service?

"dysfunctional fam #COACHELLA2017," Brody's fiancée Kaitlynn Carter captioned the group snapshot above, which finds our favorite guys posing with their desert crew. Giving us a bit of déjà vu to that mini MTV reunion a few years back, which also included daddy-to-be Spencer Pratt.

Share your favorite Brody and Frankie memories in the comments and, just because, watch a mash-up clip below of the notorious ladies' man flashing that unbelievable smile.