Kimmy Schmidt Is A Clueless College Freshman In The Unbreakable Season 3 Trailer

The Netflix show returns May 19

Now that she has her GED, Kimmy Schmidt is ready to tackle higher education. In the new Season 3 trailer of Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, released Wednesday (April 19), our girl is awestruck by a scenic college campus.

"How awesome is this place?" Kimmy gushes to a random passerby, who is significantly less enthusiastic about attending class.

There's only one problem for Kimmy: no recess. But she insists it's "fine" because "recess is for babies." College students have presumably replaced playgrounds with pinot noir, which is great news for Titus.

Speaking of the show's most eccentric roommate, Titus channels his inner Beyoncé while Kimmy lugs a backpack around university. Clearly, they lead very different lives.

Now if only Titus's fake dollar bills could pay for Kimmy's tuition...