Can Teen Mom OG's Farrah And Simon Really Be Just Friends?

Sophia's mama says she wants a strictly platonic relationship with her former beau

Farrah's relationship with her ex Simon is, in a word, complex -- from an engagement ring purchase that didn't result in a proposal to cordial business collaborations and a rocky vacation to Hawaii, the Teen Mom OG on-again off-again couple has navigated their way through some unique scenarios and managed to stay in each other's lives. Now, during this week's episode, Sophia's mama made a definitive statement about where she saw their future going and decided it would be best that they cease any type of romance, and become platonic pals instead. But will Farrah's wishes about their bond last?

The entrepreneur first broke the news to Simon at a sushi dinner date in Los Angeles.

"I think we should be friends -- not friends with benefits," she firmly stated, adding that it was in both of their best interests to cut the hookups.

Simon did not outright respond to her desires and kept mum -- but as he got up to leave the table, he expressed that they had a "good conversation."

It's clear that there are many layers to Farrah and Simon's bond -- and despite breaking up, they have kept in contact. But can they navigate this unfamiliar territory and refrain from resuming their intimate connection? Farrah seems to be on board with this plan (since she was the only who prompted the shift), but it remains to be seen how Simon feels since he did not express himself at this particular meal. Or will they return to being boyfriend and girlfriend or friends with benefits in no time?

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