Steven Lippman

Here's Whitney Port's Take On The Hills Baby Boom

The 'City' star has a funny theory about her fellow pregnant cast members

Three out of the four original Hills gals will soon be telling their offspring about wild nights at Les Deux their MTV adventures -- Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Heidi Montag, to be exact (that's the order the ladies revealed they were avec child). And Whitney has a funny theory surrounding this baby boom within the entertaining Tinseltown gang.

“It’s crazy. You would think we all like got together one night and discussed this master plan,” the lovable City star, who has opened up about her difficult pregnancy in a series of vlogs, joked during an appearance on KTLA 5 on Tuesday. "Just totally a coincidence, and it’s been really awesome."

Can't deny there's something in that Hills water. Speaking of H20, pool day with the kiddies at Hillside Villas? One can dream...

Be sure to stay with MTV News as Lauren, Whitney and Heidi prepare to welcome their munchkins!