Father-Daughter Duo: Teen Mom OG's Farrah Describes Her Current Relationship With Michael

The Abrahams shared a heartfelt exchange during this week's episode

Farrah and her dad Michael have come a long way throughout their Teen Mom OG course -- specifically, a move in a positive direction in recent years (including the MTV grandfather relocating to Austin to be close to his daughter and aiding his entrepreneur child as she launched three separate stores). And when Farrah revealed to her parent her plans to expand her business during this week's episode (and ultimately move out West), the two shared a heartfelt moment after she disclosed why she was distancing herself from her mother Debra.

"I'm happy for you and I will always support you," Michael told a teary Farrah, after she expressed that he was trying to help her (unlike her mother).

Now that a few months have passed since this emotional exchange, how would Farrah describe her current rapport with Michael -- professionally and personally?

"I make him be hands-on," the 25-year-old recently disclosed to MTV News. "He needs to be more supportive and soothing about what I’m dealing with... I love that my parents say that they support me, but there is a difference between saying it and doing it."

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