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Tyler, The Creator Saved Science With His Bill Nye Theme Song

The classic ’90s tune gets an update for the new millennium

Tyler, the Creator is helping Bill Nye save the world.

The TV scientist recruited the Odd Future expat to rap the theme song for his forthcoming Netflix show, which premieres on April 21 just in time for Earth Day. It's called Bill Nye Saves the World and we hope it's literal because by God does the world need saving.

The classic theme song from Nye's PBS show gets a 2017 update thanks to Tyler, who raps Bill Nye's name with all the enthusiasm you'd expect from a tried-and-true ’90s kid. Nye's always had good taste in music (remember when he remade every ’90s song to be about science?), and his new collaboration with Tyler only proves that he's kept up with the times.

Nye and Tyler even got to chat about the remake and express their mutual admiration for each other. If you thought you would never see Bill Nye and Tyler, the Creator hugging it out, you were sorely mistaken.