Catfish Sneak Peek: Could This Woman's Online Beau Be The Real Deal?

Sam didn't even flinch when Kailani called the MTV show, and that's gotta count for something

Could this catfish not be a catfish after all?

In a sneak peek of the show's upcoming episode, a woman named Kailani says she came right out and told her online beau Sam that she was so suspicious of him, she contacted MTV. And get this -- the guy didn't get indignant. He didn't become angry. He didn't even seem PO'd. And Max and Nev found that to be decidedly strange.

"I would expect him to be like, 'How dare you do that!" Max says while Nev concurs. "But if he's not pulling that card, then maybe we do have a real chance of reaching out to him and getting him to talk to us."

And reach out they do: Nev, Max and Kailani cut to the chase and dial Sam's number. So what does Sam say? And if he wasn't upset that Kailani contacted Catfish, could Sam be the real deal? Watch the video, below, then catch the entire story on Wednesday at 8/7c.