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The Sandlot’s Ham Welcomed A Little Slugger Of His Own

You’re killing me (with your cuteness), Smalls

Babe Ruth's biggest fan just traded his trusty baseball bat for diapers. Patrick Renna, best-known for playing Hamilton "Ham" Porter in The Sandlot, welcomed his first child with wife Jasmin on Friday (April 14).

Renna shared a heartwarming pic of his family of three on Monday (April 17) and couldn't help but gush over his "so great" and "so strong" little guy, named Flynn Maxwell — as well as the new mom, his "Super Woman" of a wife.

The former Little League slugger with biting insults for preppy kids who piss him off has been documenting his child's journey into the world with the hashtag #babyrenna2017 on Instagram. One of the pics is especially perfect for Ham's son.

"Pretty sure he's coming home in this!!!!" Renna captioned in January, as his wife proudly holds up the best onesie ever. I mean seriously, how can Ham not have some kind of "You're killing me, Smalls"-related clothing?