The Sparkliest Performers At Coachella, Ranked

A really great list

When it's 100 degrees in the desert, wearing more than a swimsuit can seem like a gross error in judgment. Luckily, for those of us on the cooler coast, there's a slightly higher fashion bar for the actual Coachella performers (plus they get air-conditioned trailers, they're fine).

This year's performers were low-key: Lady Gaga wore a tank top tucked into a pair of tights, French Montana donned a robe, and Future wore a blazer with his own name on the back (of course). But some stars really kicked it up a notch with that old showgirl trick: SPARKLES. Here are our favorite, sparkliest performers, ranked.

  • 3. Quavo (and Migos in general)

    Head to toe Gucci, chains on chains. A look. A+

  • 2. Lorde

    Lorde really pulled this together: bejeweled halter bustier (HOW), giant flared sparkly pants, and Adidas superstars.

  • 1. Rihanna

    YES I am aware Rihanna was not performing at Coachella. Does it matter? Queen of sparkles, invented bodysuits. Single-handedly bringing back Hot Topic belts. Pearl sunglasses. Untouchable. Here's another photo, you're welcome: