iCarly’s Lewbert And Nora Turned Their Baby Into A Meme

He’s so cute!

In case you missed the memo, your favorite anger-prone doorman is now the proud dad of a little boy: Louis "Lewbert" Sline (Jeremy Rowley) from iCarly welcomed a baby earlier this year with wife Danielle Morrow, who played iCarly fan turned kidnapper Nora Dershlit.

Back in March, Morrow posted a pic of her newborn's hand resting atop Rowley's with the caption, "My boys like to start the day off with a high-five." On Sunday (April 16), she shared another pic of her son, this time featuring more than just his tiny hand.

Less than a year old, and he's already become a meme — and too precious for his own good. We're glad to see he hasn't inherited his dad's huge (fake) pimple, a.k.a. Lewbert's trademark look. Small blessings.