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Kylie Jenner Wore The Little Sister Version Of Kim Kardashian’s Gold Dress

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Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are both sporting similar looks at the moment thanks to their simple, razor-sharp, shoulder-length bobs. They kept up the twinning vibe this week especially, though, as they both wore dresses that were very much so cut from the same cloth.

When Kim hit the premiere of The Promise, a movie about the Armenian genocide starring Christian Bale, on April 12, she kept things simple with sleek hair and a shimmery knit vintage Versace gown.

Two days later, Kylie popped up in the Palm Desert pre-Coachella with neon tresses and a cocktail dress of a similar shade and style: The halter doesn't hang from a turtleneck as Kim's did, but it's close enough to inspire a longer look at this gold, knit frock.

Kylie's dress was a bit shorter, but its gleam, neckline, and shimmer definitely make this dress the little sib of Kim's. How fitting — literally.