Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin Is About To Invade The Challenge

The two-time champ is returning to the MTV series!

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin is one of the greatest Challenge victors of all time -- so it's only fitting that the WWE superstar is invading (kinda like Bananas/CT/Darrell/Zach/Ashley K/Camila/Cara Maria/Laurel) the long-running series once more.

The Real World: Back to New York alum (who last competed on Inferno 2 back in 2005) will serve as host of the Invasion of the Champions reunion, which will air next Tuesday (before the premiere of The Challenge: Champs Vs. Pros). Rehashing the most talked-about Thailand-based incidents probably beats keeping extremities on a block of ice on your 21st birthday (ahhh Battle of the Seasons) or inhaling a million scoops of ice cream (Gauntlet good times).

"It's awesome to be back," the Miz told MTV News at the recent taping. "This is where it all started for me. MTV gave me the opportunity to believe in myself and do anything I wanted, and now I get to be a WWE superstar, which was my childhood dream. And I guarantee I would not be where I was today if it wasn't for MTV."

And speaking of his Challenge days (we miss you!!) -- which installment is his favorite?

"Battle of the Seasons was my favorite because it was my first one, and it was the first time they got all of the seasons together and I saw all my favorites," he revealed. "At the time, I was like, 'Oh my God!" But then the Inferno 2 was my last, so it was a heartfelt moment and we won," he stated, while adding that he had a premonition they would do well because of Darrell's presence on their Good Guys team. These two!

Do not miss the Invasion of the Champions reunion Tuesday at 8/7c -- and share your favorite Miz memories in the comments!