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Beyoncé’s Twins Should Be Named After Space, Says Neil DeGrasse Tyson

We get it, dude

Blue Ivy was an original, unexpected name for Beyoncé and Jay Z's first child, but Neil deGrasse Tyson is having a little too much fun coming up with some stellar — literally — options for the couples's soon-to-be-born twins.

Tyson took to Twitter to list off a bunch of baby-name suggestions for the Carter twins, and at first, this seemed promising: He's an expert on all things science. What could possibly go wrong?

Bet he'll come up with something deep, right?

Fancy-sounding, ethereal, and works with "Carter." OK.

Ehhh — "Cotta" and "Bar" also come to mind here, so maybe not?

Slightly too pedestrian for the Carter babies, or classic enough for the Carter babies? This is where he starts to lose it a little.

Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson naming Beyoncé's babies as if they were fighting on behalf of District 2 in The Hunger Games? Pass.

Are you seriously suggesting Bey name one of her babies "Oort," because, Neil ...

Neil, why are you doing this.


NEIL. Finally, Neil gave up.

Not that we need to say this, but Bey and Jay, please don't name your babies "Aster" and "Roid." Blue would probably be pissed.