Frazer Harrison/KCA2017/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Fifth Harmony’s First Magazine Cover Without Camila Is A ’90s Dream

So many plastic skirts

Fifth Harmony just revealed their first magazine cover shoot since Camila Cabello left the group, and it is a ’90s nostalgia DREAM.

Honestly, cast these girls in a supernatural dark comedy about four teens who accidentally kill their principal.

In the shoot's accompanying interview, the girls chat about everything from their girl group inspirations to the double standards for female performers.

"I’m pretty sure men are never questioned whether they’re acting too sexy," Lauren explains. "They’re actually glorified when all their clothes are off. Women love that shit, they’re like, 'Yeahhh! You’re so hot!' But when girls take our clothes off, it’s, 'Wow, she’s such a hoe.'"

"That’s happened to us throughout our whole career," Normani continues. "When it came to performances, people would judge us on our performance outfits. They would say things like, 'Look at the hoe squad.' There were all these memes."

Fifth Harmony, on behalf of myself and the world, I would like to say: Do not listen to the haters, and please continue wearing all the plastic seashell bras and sexy construction worker uniforms that you like.

You can check out all of the shoot and read the entire interview here.